think happy stuff founder Christine Fekete and her children.

 I live in Franklin, TN with seven of my eight children.  Four are birth children- four are adopted.
Three are adopted through the State of Tennessee.  One son is from China, and joined us when he was nine.

I am continuously amazed by my children.  Their young hearts are healing from  horrible injustices.  If anyone had the right to be mad at the world, it would be them.  However, I have seen these children learn how to love and trust again.  It is astounding.

I have seen our birth children bond and accept their new siblings without hesitation.  When others at their schools did not believe that a white boy, a bi-racial boy and a Chinese boy could all be brothers, it never occurred to my birth son to end the argument my simply stating that his brothers were "adopted".  He just knows them as his brothers.  I love that.  It insipres me.

Part of my journey includes a battle with depression. This was a battle long before I had children.  To the world, I seemed happy, confident and secure.  I thought I was "OK", but then I would "crash out"- sometimes even desiring to permanently "check out".  Then I'd get over it and move on- until I crashed again.  It was a continuous, exhausting cycle. 

 I sought the help I needed. And I began to realize there are no small choices- everything is connected.

How I choose to respond to the smaller challenges life brings determines how I respond to the bigger challenges life brings.  Even the mug I choose for my morning tea in can encourage me and help get me in the right minset for the day ahead. 

I know that no matter how deep and painful my experience, God's grace ALWAYS runs deeper.  I do not completely understand the law of gravity, but from personal experience, I know it to be true.  I do not completely understand this law of Grace, but from personal experience, I know it to be true.  Therefore, I can think happy stuff. 

When think happy stuff, inc. began in December 2006 I began to more freely share my story- and in return, I had the honor of hearing other people's stories.

    "I was just diagnosed with cancer.  I need this mug."
    "We were told our son would not live past the age of two.  Now he is ten.  I am getting him this shirt!"
    "My sister died of cancer.  Her family needs these shirts."
    "My husband was just deployed to Iraq for the third time.  I need to surround myself with this stuff."
    "My friend just had a double mastectomy...."
    "I struggle with depression..."
    "My husband just left me..."
    "I'm in recovery..."

There is such power when we share our stories with each other!

I deeply appreciate your support and encouragement of this line of clothing and gift items. 
Thank you for your support and for spreading the word!
Change your thinking.  Change your world.  Think happy stuff.