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Gina Borra leads TEAM HAPPY STUFF during the Tahoe Marathon in  September 2009.


Recent interview with Debbie Allen with "On The Home Stretch"

Miley Cyrus out and about in her "denial is my happy place." tee!
AMY GRANT in THINK HAPPY STUFF, Morgan Hill, CA October 23, 2008

Vince Gill performing in Rio Rancho, NM at the Santa Ana Star Center in 9/07 Notice the fabulous t-shirt he is wearing!

We were blown away at the simple inspiration of "think happy stuff" and are honored to see the proceeds benefiting Blood Water Mission. Through the proceeds thus far there are several impoverished communities in Africa already benefiting from the life giving gift of clean water! Completely Amazing!
- Matt Odmark, Jars of Clay

CBL Management owns and operates 80 malls across the country - including the Cool Springs Galleria where our THINK HAPPY STUFF kiosk was located. There was a kiosk design/display competition and of the nearly 300 entries, our THINK HAPPY STUFF kiosk (custom built by my husband Doug) came in the TOP FIVE!!! 

In addition, they have included a picture of our kiosk in a nationally distributed CBL presentation folder!